New customers 30% of your first order, this is how it works!

Choose your wine, 

We carry all the popular wine varietals and then some, you’re sure to find one that you’ll love. Each batch makes 28-30 bottles, and the price you see includes all the materials: labels, corks.

Once you’ve chosen your wine, you’ll need to book an appointment to start your wine

Visit One. You will take a small packet of yeast and add it to your grape juice. This takes 5 minutes!  Making the wine yourself means the grape juice in your wine is taxed as produce  – no tax! This creates a massive saving over purchasing wine at retail.

Over the next 4 to 8 weeks, we take care of the intermediate processing steps like fermenting, racking, and filtering your wine and getting it ready for bottling. When that’s done, we’ll let you know that your wine is ready to be bottled.

Visit 2. When you come in for your bottling appointment, we’ll sterilize your bottles for you (or you can buy new ones from us for $1.40/bottle). As your bottles get filled, you’ll use the floor corker to cork them, shrink wrap the tops in the colour of your choice, and apply your labels.

Save Water, drink wine!